Activities form the third leg of our educational philosophy, in addition to academics and sports. One of the essentials of all-round education is the provision for plenty of opportunities for students to develop self confidence, leadership qualities, personality, humility, care and concern for others. The school achievers this end through a programme of hobbies and spare time activities leading to the development of practical skills in various fields. Each student spends at least two hours a week on any one hobby, which he/she may change after a year,
The complete set of Non-Scholastic activities is designed to awaken cultural awareness and the development of the aesthetic senses, through Art, Music, Drama, Quiz, Debate etc. The students are encouraged to participate in various inter-school/inter-district/inter-state competitions such as debates, elocution contests, quizzes, dance, dramatics, art etc. The school organises club activities and hosts cultural shows along with providing opportunities for elocution, debates, quiz programmes, music and recitation and etc. Apart from the curriculum we have co-curricular activities such as karate, kung-fu, skating, craft, instrumental music, western and classical dance etc..