Mission and Vision
The institution envisages to planer a movement seeking to reintegrate Indian Culture, by the application of the modern critical apparatus to its anxiety to preserve the heritage that is useful with the courage to replace it with more effective expressions of the Indian spirit in consonance with its present circumstances. Finding ourselves in an era of liberalization, optimism and a virtual revolution, nobody can cast a blind eye towards proper education . It is the time of realizing those vision , that the social reformers and the nationalist leadership longed for , implement in reality in the down of twentieth century. That was an era of idealism, this one is of implementation. Our earnest hope is that realizing and absorbing the brighter rays that education provides. The scholars will be enlightened and the meaning of education itself by expressed by its vivid revelation through the students.

Aims And Objectives
To impart education to boys and girls through the medium of English and instill in them the ideals of courage, truth, tolerance and the virtues of an ideals human being and a true citizen of the country. In view of national goal of education , the School shall promote Education , The school shall promote Emotional integration broadening the outlook of the students and by fostering in them a feeling of oneness, patriotism and pride in their cultural heritage and a spirit of tolerance, so that communal .
The school management is fully convinced that total development takes place in an atmosphere of community accord. Thus the school aim at creating a community of teacher’s and students imbued with the spirit of freedom, mutual trust and respect. We aim at providing structures and disciplines which are considered necessary by this society for the development of children during the formative years.