Music & Dance

Music & Dance

The Department of Music and Dance is committed to excellence, innovation, learning in action, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to bridge dance practice and scholarship and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry. As a trained faculty, we bring a challenging range of perspectives to our teaching and research, and we continually re-examine our curriculum in order to prepare aspirants for career in an ever-evolving field.

Special Features
Lessons in Indian music generate rich cross cultural exposure and sensitize the students resourcefully to this fine art.
Classes are designed to give students a background in individual and group play, a vocabulary of music terminology and allow them to taste many outstanding, high grade, instruments.
Every curriculum we offer accounts for individual student learning curves.

Special Features
Kango (Triple)
Mridung (Pakhawaj)
Drum Set (9 Leather Instrument)
Synthsizer (Casio)

According to scientific research, playing music, and hence drumming and playing percussion, increases the development of various regions of the brain.
Playing rhythms improves listening skills and increases children and teens' ability to focus for extended periods of time.
In general, the increasing of rhythmic skills - and the learning of any musical instrument - increases students' confidence.
Playing rhythmic music helps students to take notice of the rhythms and beauty in nature and their surroundings.

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